Company Profile

At FABRICATED FILTERS Division of National Filter Media we take pride that we are one of the world's oldest and largest providers of air pollution control and liquid filtration products. As a Division of National Filter Media we have achieved success by adhering to the same business principles practiced since the firm was founded in 1906. We believe in building partnerships with our customers and in earning their business every day. The technology has changed since 1906, but our commitment remains the same. We want to be long term partners with our customers.

Partners in:

  • Profit
  • Technological innovation
  • Protecting the environment
  • Problem solving
  • Service

Partners in Profit
To some people profit is a dirty word. But we see profit as a six-letter word that means growth, progress, paychecks, secure retirement, and taxes that pay for services, roads, schools, and parks.We improve our partners' profitability by:

  • Offering products with the lowest life-cycle costs. After all, the real cost of a product is not its purchase price, but its performance over its useful life. Reducing down time of people and equipment by using superior materials and craftsmanship. Reducing shipping costs. Several plants located around the country provide ready access to products when you need them.
  • Increasing the yield of desirable products by continually improving the extraction and separation characteristics of filter media and equipment.

Partners in Problem Solving and Technological Innovation
Being a partner with Fabricated Filters brings benefits to both parties. Because we work with such diverse industries as agriculture, chemicals, food processing, mining, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, we are knowledgeable about a tremendous range of filtration processes, products, and technologies. Cross-industry transfers of knowledge are possible. For example, we used sugar refining technology from an Oregon plant to solve a problem at a iron mine in Russia. Fabricated Filters also benefits from partner relationships. Our customers have made suggestions that resulted in hundreds of improvements in our products. One suggestion resulted in a 300 percent improvement in the life cycle of a filter product. Part of our commitment to problem solving and innovation is our use of pilot test sites. This involves installing, monitoring, and modifying filtration products to improve the performance of the customer's equipment or process. Typically this is done at little or no cost to the customer.

Partners in Protecting the Environment
Responsible companies everywhere recognize the importance of protecting the environment in which we all must live and work. Fabricated Filters employs the latest technology in filter media to assist its partners in meeting their environmental protection goals. In addition, we also monitor changing governmental regulations to stay abreast of its customers future needs.

Partners in Service
Service at Fabricated Filters begins in sales. Our commitment to total customer partner satisfaction involves these concepts:

  • Sales representatives who make house calls
    Our sales representatives are filtration experts, not telemarketers. Real people (not voices on the phone) come to your facility to sell and service your account.
  • Dirty hands 
    Fabricated Filters sales people may wear business suits to your plant, but rest assured they have coveralls and a hard hat in the car. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in order to understand your needs and help solve your problems.
  • Easy access
    Where existing technology and geography permit, our sales representatives are provided with cellular phones, pagers, and laptop computers to make them more accessible for customer contact.
  • J-I-T
    Just-in-time inventory permits you to get just what you need, just when you need it.
  • Customized solutions
    Although Fabricated Filters maintains an inventory of thousands of products in a variety of configurations, we know that your circumstances may be different. That's why special needs are met with a customized solution.
  • No hassle satisfaction
    Fabricated Filters makes every reasonable attempt to quickly resolve customer concerns - on the customer's terms.