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NFM Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter


NFM provides the continuous filter belt for many of the Horizontal Belt Filters in many style and construction to meet the needs of the customer. The belts are made with many synthetic fabrics to suit the chemical conditions required by the customer.

  • NFM Horizontal Belt Filter
  • Eimco Horizontal Belt Filter
  • Komline Sanderson Horizontal Belt Filter
  • Westec Horizontal Belt Filter
  • Enviroclear Horizontal Belt Filter
  • Straightline Horizontal Belt Filter

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Vacuum Belt

Vacuum Belt

Pilot Unit

NFM Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter 4 feet wide x 30 feet long filtering area with 3 wash zones.
NFM Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter 6 feet wide x 20’ long filtering area with 2 wash zones (note the hood to capture toxic fumes). These units can be supplied with multiple wash zones for removing solubles from the cake.
NFM has a rental pilot unit 1 foot wide x 9’ feet long filtering area and complete with wash boxes, vacuum pump, receiver, filtrate pump and control panel. This unit allows the customer to evaluate a process to determine the size and performance of a Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter.
Depending on the final product the cake thickness can be a thin as 1/4” or as thick at 6”. With a shower bar the cloth is cleaned each cycle to maintain high levels of production.
NFM manufactures a wide range of drum filter cloths for vacuum drum filters including belt discharge drum filters. This shows the special Velcro fasteners and the PIP edging guide for a belt filter.
NFM has many highly trained employees that are skilled in their profession with quality their most important product.
NFM manufactures continuous belts with clipper joints as shown. Velcro and zippers fasteners are also available.
NFM manufactures the continuous belt filters for vacuum filters. Shown is a special synthetic belt filter with the special elastomers edging and the sandwich tape.

Belt Filter

Skilled Employees

Clipper Joint

Sandwich Tape


3 Wheel Tracker

Shower Bar

Elastomer Belt

NFM developed the 3 wheel Edge Tracker for maximum contact with the edge track guide on the filter belt. Spring tension allows for cloth adjustments to be made without constant operator attention.
NFM supplies the shower bar to keep the filter cloth clean after each discharge cycle the shower bar cleans the filter cloth to keep production from declining as the belt blinds (plugs) with solids.
The NFM Elastomer belt is the “heart” of the Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter. With the filter cloth on top to capture the solids, the liquid passes through the filter cloth into the drainage grooves of the belt and through the vacuum holes in the belt into the vacuum pan and the piping to the vacuum receiver and filtrate pump for a continuous operation.
Some drainage belts required a guide system and NFM can provide the rollers, etc. that are required.
NFM can custom build an entire belt filter or just the component parts as shown in these belt take-up assemblies.

Belt Take-up




Idler Pulley

Vacuum Pan

Slide Plates
NFM has developed special fabricating techniques to insure a strong and long lasting machine some made with exotic materials such as Hastalloy C for high chemical resistance.
NFM pays particular attention to the details of manufacturing to insure a high quality unit that will give the customer years of satisfactory performance.
More of the integral inner workings of the NFM Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter.
NFM makes many of the internal parts of high chemical and wear resistant plastics to insure long life and minimum maintainence.
NFM provide low resistance and long life slide strips to insure minimum wear on the drainage belt vacuum rib.
NFM provide traveling wear belts on wide drainage belts as the vacuum seal. This is the guide/slide strip for the wear belts.
NFM provides an adjustable guide/slide end for the wear belts.

Slide Strips

Slide Strips

Guide End

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