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NFM has qualified engineers to assist in evaluating filtration equipment and making necessary repairs and or rebuilds as may be required.

  • Territory managers make regular plant visits
  • Perform equipment surveys
       - Isolate small problems before they
         become major breakdowns
       - Lower overall operating costs associated
         with equipment
       - Summarize observations with
         recommendations for improvement (both
         maintenance & production issues)

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Drum Filter Rebuild




NFM personnel help supervise the removal of 4 vacuum drum filters that are to be refurbished..
NFM removes one of the filters from upper floors of the plant.
One of the units loaded and ready for transport to NFM manufacturing facilities.
NFM not only refurbishes the outside but all the internal components are repaired or replaced so when the unit is complete the filter is as good as new.
NFM refurbishes the outside and replaces all the grids.
The NFM units are equipped with the high flow NFM grid.
Every component of the filter unit when finished is in like new condition.
One of four units almost complete with hood and traveling belt discharge mechanism.
Sand Blasting

New Grids
Filter Hood



Rebuilt Filters




This Straigtline horizontal vacuum belt filter is being taken out of service due to corrosion of the frame and other components. Loss of production is critical so careful measurements are taken and a replacement unit is prefabricated in the NFM manufacturing facilities.
This is the prefabricated Straightline filter frame complete with drip pans preassembled and then shipped in pieces and reassembled in the plant in 7 days.
Within seven (7) working days the old Straightline unit is removed and the replacement NFM unit is in operation producing at a much higher rate than the original unit.
This is an Eimco Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter in the NFM manufacturing facility to be refurbished.
This is the Eimco horizontal vacuum belt unit that was completely refurbished by NFM in our manufacturing facilities in Maine.
This is the frameworks of another Horizontal Vacuum Belt filter that was refurbished by NFM.
This is the completed Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter unit ready for shipment.
This is a NFM rebuilt disc filter.




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