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Fabricated Filters offers on-site installation and removal of dust bags.

We also offer customer filter bags, cages, solenoid valves and diaphragm valves if required for this job.

This provides our customer  "One Stop Shopping" for all of there Dust Collector needs.

Our technical consultants and OSHA trained installers offer the technical expertise to complete your job.





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Filter Bag Change-Out - Top Load Collector

Removal of Cages 

 Removal Dirty Bags

   New Bags

Connect Blow-Pipes

NFM Removal cage with Venturi.
NFM Removal of dirty bags
NFM Installing bag in clean tubesheet.
NFM Reconnecting Blow pipes completing installation.
NFM refurbishes the outside and replaces all the grids.
The NFM units are equipped with the high flow NFM grid.
Every component of the filter unit when finished is in like new condition.
One of four units almost complete with hood and traveling belt discharge mechanism.

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