Desiccant: Activated Alumina - F200-E

Actived Alumina - F200-E

Activated Alumina Specifications

Bead size (in.) 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" (custom sizes available
Moisture removal at 40%RH 13.5%/wt
Moisture removal at 60%RH 20%/wt
Moisture removal at 100%RH 40%/wt
Crush strenght (lbs) 30-70 (depending on grade)
Abrasion Loss (%/wt) <0.1

RH - Relative Humidity

%/wt - Percent Weight

We offer custom desiccant solutions.  Desiccant with different characteristics are available.  A sales professional can work with you to select a cost-effective desiccant solution that meets or exceeds your drying requirement.  Service technicians are also available to change your dryer's desiccant and perform all other services.



Desiccant : Activated Alumina F200-E is the best all purpose desiccant for drying air and most other gases with high relative humidities.  Dewpoints of -100° can be achieved (depending on dryer).  Activated alumina F200-E can be used in both heated and heatless/pressure swing dryers.

Activated Alumina F200-E has: excellent porosity creating torturous paths and extended surface area; high strength against crushing; and very stable physical and chemical characteristics, even in high temperature and corrosive environments.

Activated Alumina

  • -100°F dew points obtainable
  • Unaffected by catastrophic liquid water loading
  • Ideal for both heatless and heat regenerated systems
  • Low regeneration temperature 250°F to 500°F






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